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Our Talks

Chastity Talk:
God's Plan for Sex, Dating, Love

Using humor and personal stories, Mike and Annie introduce middle school, high school, or college students to the virtue of chastity.


We highlight:

- human goodness as sons and daughters of God

- call to self-gift

- unitive and procreative nature of sex

- ways that the culture erodes our understanding of sexuality and the body

- pornography, contraception, dating, marriage

- practical tips for living a life of purity

ProTECHting Purity

Drawing from his experience as a Technology Coordinator, young adult, and father, Mike shares:


- the current trends of technology and social media

- highlights the presence and effects of pornography

- apps of particular concern

- how to develop a comprehensive plan for proper use of mobile tech in the family

This talk is for parents.

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Why It's Never Worth It

Mike talks about the dangers of pornography using:

- brain science

- personal testimony

- effects on those in the industry

- effects on consumers

- Church teaching

And equips teens with knowledge and resources to overcome an addiction to pornography.

Not Just the Default

Mike and Annie discuss how marriage is a vocation which one is called to not a default vocation. The talk highlights:

- story of Sts. Zelie and Louis Martin

- cultural vs. Catholic marriage

- love as sacrificial and life-giving

- discernment of vocation


Parish talk: $200.00

School-wide talk: $350.00

One day of talks: $500.00

Mileage fees may apply. If cost is prohibitive, please contact us. We are willing to accommodate lower fees to spread the message!

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