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Mike and Annie like to talk. So "Mike and Annie Talk" was created! We are a husband and wife team who especially like to talk about the joy of living our Catholic faith. The goal of our ministry is to communicate the Good News of the Gospel - especially regarding sexuality, love, and relationships - and to inspire young people to live authentic and bold discipleship.

Mike and Annie are professional Youth Ministers in Rockville, MD and have 14 years of experience working with young Catholics. They are committed to communicating ancient truths to a modern world with joy, humor, and multimedia.

When they aren't busy with ministry, Mike and Annie are busy raising their six children. Their home is a chaotic, loud, happy "school of love" and it's through the lens of family and vocation that they approach work in ministry.

Mike and Annie are available to speak at your parish, school, Diocesan event, or youth rally about the following topics:

- Chastity, Love, and Relationships

- ProTECHting Purity (for parents)

- Pornography
- Authentic Masculinity and Authentic Femininity (single sex talks)
- Pro-Life
- Joy

- Advent Women's Talk

Annie recently spoke to over 1,000 teens at the Mount 2000 retreat. She gave the closing talk, "From Retreatant to Missionary."

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