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Wholly Exhausted, Holy Exhaustion

Days so long and nights too short

A trying season it has been, Demands of every moment

Leave me weary and stretched thin.

As my head hits the pillow, With a prayer sweet sleep arrives, Seems only just a minute Till I wake to love’s small cries.

Love beckons in the children Love beckons in the chores,

Love beckons in each gift-of-self Each call to offer more.

What do I find in that place, Where nerves and wits are at an end? That surrender to His holy will Offers more than I could spend.

“Stop counting every cost,” He says, “Stop grumbling, ‘poor me,’ My peace is gained in poured-out heart.” His words set my soul free.

Strength the weary body lacks Is given tenfold by grace,

Prayer lifts what struggle has brought low Surprising joy found in this place.

Driven by love, not ambition Fueled by grace more than rest, Lose self-love little by little Find Living Water deeply blessed.

Wholly exhausted I am carried Through acts of sacrificial love Abiding in Holy Exhaustion Finding rest in Him above.

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